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Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998 11:44 PM
Subject: P. Pertusum?


I'm in a bit of a confusion here, and I wonder if you'd care to help me

I'm looking for a monstera to grow indoors, and I have seen pictures of it,
tall mature vines grown indoors in pots with leaves about 1-1.5 feet wide.
Looking at my catalogs and books, there's a variety called P. pertusum and
another called M. minima...are they the same?   And another source says
that pertusum is actually the juvenile form of deliciosa.  I have grown
deliciosa before from seed, and its seventh or eighth leaf was already 3
feet wide... Can anyone tell me what's the name of this variety I'm looking
for, and where can I get it?  Thank you so much!

Tuan Ching

Dear Tuan Ching,
I believe the Monstera you are looking for is common here in W.P.B.,
Florida.  It is simply a smaller cultivar of the usually giant Monstera
deliciosa, NOT a juvinile form!!   There is also a varigated (stripes of
cream/white) form of this smaller plant around here, but I have not seen
Hope this helps.  It should be available at the Aroid show in Miami later
this month.

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