Re: Synandrospadix vermitoxicus

Hi Steve,

I'll pass along the information I have on my Synandrospadix vermitoxicus
acquired from the Huntington Botanical Garden in '95.  It is from a seed cross
of two collections from the same locale.  Both were collected near Chujillas,
Bolivia along the Rio Mizque, at 5,700ft, in what was described as a
seasonally dry, rocky riverbed.  It was growing along with Gymnocalcium
pflanzii v. zigarre and Neocardenasia herzogiare.  The species was said to be
native to Argentina and Bolivia.  Water is to be withheld in winter.

My plant has never made offsets but continues to increase in size every year.
Like you, I grow in a loose mix with good aeration, but in a relatively small
pot.  I'm thinking of trying a proportionately larger container.  It growns
easily in the greenhouse with 60deg minimum.  I wish we could find out a
temperature range for it, but the above mentioned 5700ft is probably a good

Lynn Hannon

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