Re: Seed of Peltandra virginica

I have germinated these seeds quite successfully by just putting them in
a plastic container, filling it with a couple inches of water, and
setting on top my fridge for the warmth. Unlike with calla lilies, each
fruit is just one seed so leave them in tact. They will develop globs of
gell around the outside of the seed, this is normal. The only dificulty
I encountered was keeping enough water in the container, if it dries out
very much you will lose them. 

Gabe Thomas

Mary Jane Hatfield wrote:
> Thank you Vic,
> What a surprise. I am pleased. The package arrived today.
> However, what do you mean by "the seeds germinate easily in water"? Do I
> take the sedout of the fruit and put them in water, a moist paper towel?
> Have you grown them before? After they germinate, put them in what sort
> of soil? I know that when I tried skunk cabbages from seed, they didn't
> do well at all in boggy wet soil but sure did well in a soiless mix.
> Strange.
> I assume, without looking it up, that it is a sunny bog plant rather
> than a shady bog plant.
> On checking further I see that it is rare in Iowa.
> Mary Jane Hatfield

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