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Dear Steve Marak

I=B4ve got this message back and dont know if its a the listserver so I sen=
it another time, hopping that its now correct.
I will say something to the Latin word "aceriferum".
The Genus Acer L. was named by Linne He has took the word Acer which means
in Latin I hope its the right English word: sharp, a peak and that in case
of the wood of maple trees. This wood is very hard an elastic so it was
applied for lances an related things. Because of these things Linne take th=
word acer for this genus. (I have this from some old Botanical Latin Books)
So the meaning of acer in aceriferum means that the leafs are more sharpene=
as t
he normal P.squamiferum are. It has nothing to do with the maple leaf.
Another example are the two words "folium acer"
they have the meaning that the leafs are from a pine tree not maple leafs!!
The word squamiferum come from the Latin word squama and this means scales.
Its an easy understanding name if
you see the plant with its "hairy" petioles. So I think squamiferum would
be the better name (This is the meaning of a "bloody amateur) but to say if
its aceriferum you must have an isotype or
better the holotype I think. Or T. Croat could say what it is and why.
I will looking for the descriptions of Schott maybe there will be an
explanation what is sharp at this variety.
The symptom that flowers of Philos fall down without flowering have I often
seen on my own plants. For example this year was first time that P. imbe
flowered completly first time in 8 years.( There all growing in house at
windows) . I always thought that the conditions for flowering are often to
bad. Maybe to cold or less air humidy or anything else.
Thomas Mottl

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