Re: Tuber trading question

>Dear Aroid List Members,
>I need some advice on trading plants - actually just the tubers.  I would
>like to trade some Aroid tubers with someone in South Africa - I'm in
>upstate New York, USA.  This seems like a simple task but there are
>probably some official rules to deal with.  Seeds in an envelop probably
>wouldn't be a problem but a 2" tuber might be. Can someone who has some
>experience with this subject please suggest a method/process of shipping
>a couple of tubers from SA to the USA.
>Thanks for your help.


I have received small packets with tubers that were marked "herbarium
specimens - no commercial value" without problem, but, of course, the
safest thing is to have an import permit, which is actually quite easy to
get.  You can get more information at:

With this permit, you will receive a packet of mailing labels that your
sender attaches to the package that directs it to an inspection center.  As
long as there are no prohibited plants or any type of soil or disease, you
should be ok.  I don't know about experiences with green plants as opposed
to dormant material - I've heard some stories about delays and the
condition of material after passing through the USDA treatment sites.  Most
of my material I bring into the country with me when travelling to tropical
America.  As long as I declare it and have my permit, I've not had a
problem.  I've never had a problem with seeds even without the permit
(assuming they were mailed relative (i.e. non-commercial) amounts.

Has anyone else had other experiences?

Don Martinson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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