Re: Symmetry in Amorphophallus

Dear List,

	Based upon some responses I have received, I fear that I was not
sufficiently clear in my initial posting.  Although the Amorphophallus
species that I have observed (both living specimens of A. konjac and A.
titanum and pictures of other species on the web) have near "trilateral
symmetry" in overall shape and size, the precise lobing patterns and number
of leaflets on the three leaf divisions tend to be somewhat different.
However, this did not appear to be the case in the A. muelleri pictured at

	This A. muelleri appears to have nearly identically shaped leaflets
(without any irregular lobing) on each of the the trifurcations of the
petiole.  I would like to know whether this symmetry is typical of A.
muelleri.  I would also like to know whether this leaf pattern is found in
any other Amorphophallus species.


Chad Husby

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