Re: Monstera Search

Hi Stan.
    I'll send you several cuttings (they all should live, but just in
case). Just give me the address. All that would be necessary is shipping so
let me know how you want them to go.
[Please respond directly to Kevin at his email address below - 

Kevin Martyn wrote:

> Hi.I have been searching the internet for several months for the plant
> "Monstrea Deliciosa Albo-Variegata" with no success.I only just found
> out that it falls under the classification of being an Aroid.So I
> figured this would be the best place to ask for help.I desperately need
> to find someone with a specimen,no matter how small,or a cutting,that
> they would be willing to sell to me.I wanted it for my grandmother for
> her 92nd birthday in April,but I failed to find it in time,so now I'm
> trying to get one in time for Christmas for her.  She always had one
> until a few years ago when it died,and now she wishes she had one
> again,so I'm trying to get it for her.I live in Ft.Laud.Fla. and I am
> willing to pay a fair price for it and of course for all shipping
> costs.Can anyone help me find it?? Thank you for any help.Stan Bartlett

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