DON-  You were asking about growing conditions and size of the A. titanums that
I'm growing.  Most have gone through 2 dormant periods in the 3 years since
I received the seed.  I have repotted each one after each dormant period using
Pro-mix (peat, perlite mix) with a small amount of bonemeal in the pot and with
controlled nutrients 17-6-12 plus minors applied once when the leaf emerges.
Most have  petioles only about 2 inches in diameter at the base, with a leaf
height of 5-6 feet.  So they are not especially huge at this time.  I weighed
one dormant tuber last week.  It was 24 ounces and 5 inches in diameter.  The
one that is flowering must be close in size to this, but I didn't want to
disturb it, so I don't know the exact weight of it.   I grow all 12 of them in
plastic pots moving them up in size with each new leaf except for one that I
grew in a clay pot kind of as an experiment to see which pots they would prefer
and the one in the clay pot is much smaller than the rest.   It's a mystery
to me why only one of the 12 is flowering since they are being grown side by
side in the same conditions!  I bet one of yours will bloom this year, Don,and
some of the other ones out there that were grown from Jim's seeds!
Kathy Upton

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