Rob McClure-Missouri is the "Show Me" state and you are pretty far from
here, so why are you people from down under so skeptical!?

All I know for certain is that the tuber that is flowering is one of 12
plants I grew from the seed Jim sent out to everyone and the seeds were marked
"A. titanum".  The only other plants of Amorph. that I grow here are
A. bulbifer, A. konjac, and the other species that Jim sent labeled
A. gigas (brooksii).  I've seen bulbifer and konjac in flower many times
and this is certainly neither of them if you are thinking some of the
labels could have been switched or something.  But I'm quite sure there
have not been any labeling mistakes anyway.  As for A. gigas, the leaves
are so, so different ( and puny in comparison to the robust A. titanum leaves)
that I can rule out it being gigas.  I'm assuming Jim sent the same seeds to
me that he sent everybody, so either we all have titanum or we all don't
have it.

It still hasn't opened, but the spathe has loosened up around the spadix now
and I can see the appendage.

-Kathy Upton

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