Kathy's Titanum

Well, I'm inclined to think along the lines of those Down Under, but
that's my nature about pretty much everything. On the other hand, maybe
Kathy has stumbled upon something that all of us have been searching for.
Those of us who have been growing this beast have all been sharing our
tales about the "unpredictablilty" of this plant, and I'd like to believe
that its flowering habits are equally lacking in consistancy.

All of our growing environments are a bit different. Surely, equally
different are the nutrients each of us uses, if only in amount. The one
nutrient Kathy mentioned that I am NOT using is bone meal. What in
bonemeal could accelerate flowering? Wilbert has recommended the use of a
high phosphate fertilizer, but Kathy is using a relatively low 
phosphate content. I am not using bone meal. Does bone meal add significantly 
to phosphates? I believe it does.
My plants all came from the same batch of seed as Kathy's, and they are 
half the size of hers. (Most are now dormant and we are into summer 
weather here.) So I have something to learn from this exercise. A 
couple of years ago Tom and Petra both told me that Kathy could make just about 
anything grow. So I will be paying close attention and am eagerly looking 
forward to seeing some photos. Kathy, when do we get to see some pictures?


Don Burns   
Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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