Re: Anthurium sp.

Dear Geoffrey,

    Does your plant have large cataphylls all over the stem? That lavender
sharp pointed berry sounds familiar to me. Looks like an Anthurium
radicans (from Brazil) I had. I don't know how many species of this genus
have this kind of fruit but it can be a clue. Mine used to bear flowers
and fruit during all year, before it was murdered by my 2 years old niece. 

Best wishes, 


On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Geoffrey Kibby (IIE) wrote:

> Dear All,
> Have just returned from a vacation in Stockholm, Sweden where I purchased a 
> beautiful but sadly un-named Anthurium described only as the blueberry 
> anthurium. It is a striking species simply covered with flower spikes all in 
> various stages of berry with lovely pale lavender berries. I hope to get a 
> digitized picture and place it on the ID page for you to look at. What is the 
> best graphic format for this? 
> I will be happy to send seeds to anyone who wants them, each berry contains 
> about 6-8 quite small seeds so I just hope they will travel well in damp 
> tissue! Send me your snail mail address please if interested. A brief 
> description is: leaves broadly lanceolate about 10-15 cm long on petioles 
> about 20-25cm. The stems elongate and root at the nodes so it looks 
> as if it would turn into a scrambler, semi-climber in the wild given support. 
> Flowers profusely (over 30+ spikes on the 8 stems present in a 6 in pot); 
> spathe very short, green, 1 - 1.5 cm, spadix 2-4 times longer. Berries pale 
> lavender with a sharp apical point.
> Any suggestions greatfully received.
> Regards,
> Geoffrey Kibby
> International Institute of Entomology
> 56 Queen's Gate
> London, SW7 5JR
> Tel: 0171-584-0067

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