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From: on behalf of Fure-Chyi Chen
Sent: 	Saturday, August 16, 1997 8:46 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	literature

>>>Dear Aroiders:

I sent out a question regarding the information on chromosome number as =
I couldn't find one. We are doing root tip exam. of some cultivars. Does =
anyone happens to know this journal article? We don't have this journal =
in our country. This is the only one I find dealing with chromosome no. =
in Spathiphyllum. Thank you for your help.

Jos,-J-S; Rajendran,-P-G. 1976. Occrurence and behaviour of =
supernumerary chromosomes in Spathiphyllum cannifolium Schott [Araceae]. =
Genet-Iber, 1976, 28 (1/2): 47-56.


Dear Chen,
I did not find the article you mention above, but the following articles have 
been published in "Aroideana", and if they may be of help to you I can send 
you copies.  You may also want to contact the libarian at MOBOT to see if they 
have the article you are searching for, and perhaps can send you a copy.

(1) "Choromosome Numbers of the Genera of Araceae"--- Vol 16.( This one makes 
mention that Spathiphyllum has 30, 60---2n, and 15---X chomosomes).
(2) "Chromosome Studies on Anthurium amnicola and it`s Hybrids"---Vol 11-2.

(3)"Cytological Studies in Araceae, Part 1"---Vol 18.

(4) "Somatic Chromosome Numbers in Anubias".---Vol 5-1.  

I hope that this information may be of assistance to you, and look forward to 
hearing from you if you require copies of any of the above mentioned articles.

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