Re: gigantic leaf species around the world

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From: Krzysztof Kozminski <>
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Date: Wednesday, August 12, 1998 11:58 PM
Subject: gigantic leaf species around the world

>>Hi, all

I received the enclosed email, but there are many more qualified people in
aroid-l to answer this question than myself, so I'm forwarding it to the
collective attention of aroid-l...<<

> From:
> I am interested in locating the largest undivided leaves in the world.
> (...)  It seems there are two families with gigantic leaves: Xanthosoma
> Saggitifolia and Alocosia Macrorrhiza (...)  I am curious about how large
> they have been documented in the wild, and of course, in what parts of the
> world.  If it is not too much trouble, please provide as exact dimensions
> and locations as possible.  I have listed my address and phone below, or
> you may simply RE this message to my email.  Thank you for your time and
> assistance.
>      Sincerely,
>           Daisuke Shintani
>           PO Box 674
>           Reigelsville, PA 18077
>           (610) 749 - 0401

Dear Krzytof,
His e-mail name caught my eye, it refers (I believe) to a large species of
Indonesian pig with the upper tusks that penetrate the upper face to curve
like horns above the head!
There is a photo in a book by David Fairchild, "Garden Islands of the East",
I believe is the name, with a photo of a man on a beach standing next to a
cut leaf of Cyrtosperma merkusi, and the leaf (petiole and blade) is close
to 18 ft. tall.  I have a xerox copy of it somewhere around and could dig it
up if required.
There is also a photo in one of the big plant volumes like exotica or
somesuch of a HUGE Alocasis with a full sized man dwarfed by it.  I have not
seen Xanthosoma of near these sizes, even in the wild (S. America)

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