Re: Congratulations, literature mentions

Dear Stacy:  That is exciting news.  I don't believe that thermogenesis
is known in Monstera but I have always suspected that they were beetle
pollinated and probably were thermogenic.  Can you provide any
additional details?

	Tom Croat, MO.Bot., St. Louis, MO.

> Steve-
> What you mentioned about thermogenesis in plants is very interesting - I was
> talking to a man who helps maintain all of the plants in the Indiana
> University greenhouse and he had mentioned to me a funny thing that he
> noticed just recently - the Monstera (exact species unknown to me) that is
> about the size if a tree growing on other trees in the greenhouse apparently
> heated up so much that he felt it from a distance, actually measured the
> temperature, and he said it registered about 94F (is my memory correct here?
> I'll have to ask him again)!  
> Stacy

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