Re: Helping beginners

>>A little stainless steel gizmo for pricking out seedlings (forget the
>>name, but it's great - could look it up)
>The thing for picking out seedlings is called a "dibbler" or dibber in
>Great Britain. we call it the seedling-thing.

Dibbers (or dibblers) are generally used for setting out seedlings not
pricking them out. I think Ellen was talking about a "widger." Made of
stainless steel, one end is 3/4 in. wide the other 1/4" or so. It was
developed to separate and transplant seedlings and working in small areas.
If there is interest I could order a case through my little nursery and make
them available. They'd cost about $4US each plus shipping and I'd need
commitments for at least 10 or so. It is a great little tool to have around.
I like having several available--never know when you'll need them!


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