Re: Interesting Arisaema triphyllum

Jim Waddick wrote:
>Dear Ellen;
>        Can't fill your fantasies, but did get seed from NARGS seed
>exchange listed as "A. triphyllum "Variegatum" with two sources: Louis
>Myers, Hawley, PA and William Dress, Ithaca,NY. Any chance you know
>either/both and what is the "Variegatum' part?

In the '93 Nargs list was the same seed from Myers (address then Brooklyn). I
got it and am growing on all 3 seeds. Last summer noted that the leaves of
one of the plants appeared similar to the 'Mrs. French' variety, with
accentuation of the veining pattern, but nothing that I would call

Ellen, Professor Dress is a friend of Nina's (he translated the Latin
description of A. bockii for me last year), so you should be able to get the
lowdown on his plants. I don't know of anyone ever describing a variegated
leaf form of A. triphyllum. What about it, Guy? Ray? Roy?

Jim McClements

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