Re: Interesting Arisaema triphyllum

>While I think of this:  I'm interested in acquiring interesting
>forms of A. triphyllum, whatever that means.  If anyone anticipates
>having some to spare, please contact me privately.  I'm sure I can
>find something interesting to offer in trade.  Thanks!
>Ellen Hornig
Dear Ellen;
        Can't fill your fantasies, but did get seed from NARGS seed
exchange listed as "A. triphyllum "Variegatum" with two sources: Louis
Myers, Hawley, PA and William Dress, Ithaca,NY. Any chance you know
either/both and what is the "Variegatum' part?
        If they weren't all planted, I gladly share a few- look for
seedlings if and when.

        If fantasizing, I'd like to get one with a pure white spathe and
the wildly clean white splashed foliage. Dream on.

                Jim W.

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