P. x evansii

Tom - you suggested that Simon Mayo could shed some light on this, with 
his knowledge of subgenus Meconostigma. I have a copy of his revision of 
this subgenus in the Kew Bulletin Vol46 No4 1991. On page 671, under his 
discussion of P.undulatum he says as follows:

" A similar phenomenon has been observed in material of P.x evansii, a 
hybrid between P.speciosum and P.bipinnatifidum which has leaves very 
similar to those of P.undulatum."

Hopefully this finally clarifies the parentage of this hybrid. While on 
this subject does anyone know the origins of Philodendron cv winterbourn
"Xanadu". With this plants growth habits it would seem that its origins 
are within subgenus Meconostigma as well. Any clues?

On the subject of Philodendron seeds,Tom at the start you mentioned 
folding the seeds into dry newspaper and later you referred to the 
packets being moist not wet. I assume by this you mean that once you have 
folded up the newspaper packet with the seeds inside you then lightly 
moisten the packet? Also I would like to hear about your seed raising 
methods and what growing medium you use. 

I received my order of Aroideana back issues this week - fascinating 
reading here. In the 1994 Vol.17 issue, Tom wrote about the Aroid 
Conference in Yokohama  and mentioned a paper on a revision of 
Philodendron subgenus Pteromischum that was to be given by Michael H.
Grayum. Tom, do you know whether this paper was ever published? If it was 
could you tell me how I could arrange a copy?Also posters were mentioned-
are these still in existence?

Happy Aroiding

Neil Crafter
Adelaide, Australia

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