Re: Archibald Arisaema

Roy Herold wrote,

>I can recommend the A. yamatense v. sugimotoi. I received some seed
>collected by Don Elick back in 1994, I believe. They were nothing special
>the first season, but in the second most of them were variegated with a
>central area of silver on each leaflet. Very attractive, but nothing has
>flowered yet. I believe Don has given one variegated form a cultivar name--
>something like 'Silver Clouds'.
Many thanks for your comments.  They are expensive (nearly a dollar a
seed!), but worth a chance, by the sound of it.

>A. consanguineum ('the weed of Yunnan') should not be passed over either. I
>saw dozens of different forms when I was over there I last October, many of
>which were quite different from those commonly grown in our gardens.
I have got some seed of this from Chadwell this year which sound
interesting.  So, here's hoping.


David Victor
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