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>>>It is Friday afternoon and 90 miles to home and the sign on the Long Island
Expressway says long delays so I get off and take the local streets and wind
up thirsty and near a  large fruit stand that says West Indian food and get
something to drink and pass by the vegetable area and notice some tubers that
I purchase because I have been lurking here and remember that somebody might
kindly advise me as to how to grow these two types of aroid called "Eddoes
and "Red Colo".  Thanks in advance and good growing.
                                  Mark Mazer  Gaylordsville CT. USA  Zone 5<<<
Dear Mark,
We need more lurkers like like you!!  You have bought two genera, the "red 
coco" is Xanthosoma "violacium" (this genus is due for review, so the specific 
name is tentative) and the eddoes are Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum. 
Both can be cultivated in a 5 or 7 gal or larger pot using a rich Commercially 
available"jungle mix" soil.  Keep the soil moist, fert. regularly, and 
experiment with the amount/frequency of watering.
But try EATING some of these! the easiest way is to think "potato", boil and 
mash with butter, or use in soups.  Let us know what you think, or ask for 
specific recipes for these wonderful and "new" (to Americans) foods!
   Julius Boos,
   W.P.B.,  Fl

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