Xanthosoma (fwd)

Eduardo, yes, it is a shame the lack of interest and (or so I'm surmising)
lack of funds that might get the research done.  I know in the popular
culture of this country it's probably at the bottom ot the list of
"important" considerations, but not at the bottom of mine.  Seems to
me that's one of the things wrong with popular culture:  a near total
lack of appreciation  of things of beauty in the natural world. Well,
I'll cease and desist now and gingerly get down from the soapbox ....

I'd love to have the digitized drawing, but it may not be necessary
if you answer this question:  What are the  "the two kinds of leaves"
you mention?  Would one of them be "peltate?"  That terminology I know.
And, if I'm on the right track, is what you're trying to tell me that
in the one case the petiole meets the main blade of the leaf at the
precise point at which the basal lobes diverge from the rest (apex)
of the main leaf blade?--and, in the other case, that the petiole
joins the main leaf blade beneath the point at which the basal lobes
diverge from the rest of the leaf blade?  And, to be specific, that
the leaf of X. violacea is an example of the former case (or nearly so)
and that the leaf of X. sagittifolia is an example of the latter case
(or nearly so)?

Yes, a picture is worth MORE than a thousand words .... <g>

Thanks again .... 

Is thanks also due to Anastasios Kotsikanos?  I don't completely understand
all the "headers" of these things ....

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