Re: Photo 136

>Greetings, several weeks ago I posted 2 photos from Tom Croat.  As yet,
>he informs me that he has had no responses.  Would your Arisaema folk
>have a look and see if you can supply a name?  Thanks to all of you for
>your help in this daunting task.

I sent my ID several weeks ago, using the Identification Suggestions "button".
Strange that Tom didn't get it. Well , it is A. ringens and I told him that
I was VERY surprised to hear this specimen was collected in Vietnam (if I
remember well).
Hard to beleive.
Guy Gusman

      G. GUSMAN
      Universite Libre de Bruxelles (CP 232)
      bd. du Triomphe
      B - 1050 BRUXELLES
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