Re: Amorphophallus pendulus question


>>>A. pendulus is probably the most bitchy species to grow.<<<

How so?  

 >>>After many years of cultivating amorphs, I still am unable to get
pendulus to
flowering size.<<<

May I ask what happens to it before it reaches blooming size?  

>>>What is especially disturbing is that they seem to
seriously HATE to be disturbed! In your case I would advise you to take
out the entire clump of soil and plant and do not try to shake off the
old soil and transplnat the whole thing into  a larger post with fresh
soil surrounding the old soil.<<<

I transplanted it last night and I'm waiting for any signs ........good or
bad.  The leaf had already shown some slight yellowing at the leaflet's edges
even before I transplanted it, but only in their waves along the edges, here
and there.  What I don't know, is if this is a sign of going dormant, showing
some kind of stress, or just natural coloring along the edges.  It's not what
I call a dying yellow.  It's more of a puce green.  Maybe it's just coming
into it's full color.  The plant was several weeks into it's largest (second)
leaf, in the 2" pot.  I am wondering if pendulus is consistant enough to know
when it's expected to go dormant, or will it put out another leaf?  If you
have any information on this variety, I would appreciate any known facts,
especially any related to growing it....likes-dislikes. 

I wish you ALL the luck with this most
awful to grow amorph, yet one of the most beautiful ones.

Thank you, and it IS very beautiful! 



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