Dear All

Just a few lines to say a big thank you to all the folks who made 
Gill and I's trip to the US so splendid. Everyone we met was 
wonderfully welcoming and made us feel like one of the family. 

Additionally, I'd like to thank the following folks in particular; 
either for their super hospitality while staying in their lovely 
homes or for great lunches, dinners and beer or for just being such 
great company.

Tom & Pat Croat
Dick & Joyce Mansell
Petra & John Malesevich
Ron Detterman (maybe not on aroid-l)
Ron Gagliardo (ditto)
Donna Atwood (ditto??)
Dewey Fisk
Tricia Frank
Ron Weeks (Ron's not on email; please can someone say 'thanks' to him 
in passing)
Reggie Whitehead (Reggie, the plant food DOES work........)



Peter Boyce
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Surrey    TW9 3AE

Tel. + 44 - (0)181 332 5207
Fax. + 44 - (0)181 332 5298

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