Re: Typhonium (giganteum) behaviour

On Oct 9, 11:55am, Steve Marak wrote:
> Subject: RE: Typhonium (giganteum) behaviour
> On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Wilbert Hetterscheid wrote:
> > to this monster. And of course Typhonium venosum is an exception
> > too..............
> >
> Did anyone else notice how subtly Wilbert slipped this name change in on
> us? (Not that we haven't been warned, several times.) Does this mean it's
> official now? Sauromatum is no more? Did both species wind up in
> Typhonium?
> Ah well, a Sauromatum by any other name would smell as foul.

Yes Steve, I caught that too!  I was about to post to the list, "Should I
replace my labels this afternoon or wait a bit longer?"

The T. giganteum tuber that I received a couple of years ago bloomed this year
also, but sadly withered within a day and a half after I first noticed it and
I missed the opportunity to photograph it.


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