Unknown Anthurium Identified.

Thank you to everyone who answered my post about the mystery anthurium. 
Many of you suggested a. bakeri,  and I think you are correct.  I am unable
to take a photo of it.  I don't have a camera or a scanner,  and the plant
lives fifty miles away.   I was over zealous in my description of the
leaves.  It really does match the description of a. bakeri in Hortus 3. 
Special thanks to Sue for the description out of the book...

"Bakeri Hook.  f. Sts. stout, very short; Lf. blades linear, to 2 ft. long
and 2/12 in. wide, tapering equally toward each end, dark green, petioles
6 in. long; peduncle twice as long as petiole, spathe reflexed, oblong, to
in. long, green, spadix longer, to 8 in. long in fr., yellow-green; berries
ovoid, 3/8 in. long, acute, scarlet.  Costa Rica."

Jaime Rodriguez
P.O. Box 871394
Wasilla, Alaska, 99687
USDA Zone 3 & 4

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