Re: "Wolverine Rotted Meat Cadavour Maggot Leavings Plant"

>Speaking of one of my favorite childhood wildflowers, does this plant
>REQUIRE cold winters, or could I possibly grow it where I am now living,
>in zone 10[CA]? Some places won't ship it to the west coast, could there
>be an intelligent reason for this? Lack of hardiness? invasiveness? Host
>for some dangereous agricultural pest?

_Symplocarpus foetidus_ is pretty easy going up here in Canada where it is
often considered a weed and has lots of places with moist or boggy acid
soil in which to grow.

As far as growing it without a cool rest period, I do not really know. I
suspect not, but I could be wrong. I have seen the plants blooming through
snow and ice where they, apparently, had melted a little area around
themselves forming a tiny microclimate. It has been suggested that they
generate their own heat. I can't really visualize the plant being invasive
in California, unless in some high mountain bog where winter temperatures
are cool.

How far down the East Coast does it grow? Anybody? Has anyone grown Skunk
Cabbage in a warm climate, say Tampa? Let's hear from some of the experts
out there!

I am enjoying this thread. People here think I am "touched" for voluntarily
bringing these plants into my garden. If they catch me at the right time,
in the spring, I show them my pretty Sauromatums (Use the name while you
can: Evil Wilbert is going to change it soon. Again. ;-)  ) in bloom.

Kind Regards,


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