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Tom & Dewey,
I believe the correct spelling should be Anthurium besseae, in honor of Libby

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<< Subj:	 Re: Small Aroids
 Date:	97-10-24 17:36:01 EDT
 From: (Tom Croat)
 CC: (Donna Atwoo)
 >Dewey:  This is an unpublished name and I will get back to the list
 about the correct spelling (I have to consult the rules) but I just
 wanted to say that this plant which I am sure that you have seen at
 Selby has dramatically changed in the past year.  For years it was
 dwarfed (Donna Atwood thinks it was due to an overdose of something) but
 when I saw it recently it was many times larger, with leaf blades to ca
 25 cm long.  I am sure glad I was patient on this new species!  
 	By the way if we really want to talk about small aroids we do
 have to consider Lemna.  While currently in the Lemnaceae molecular work
 has shown that group to be practically inseparable from Pistia and the
 Kew group will be proposing it to be subsumed within the Aroideae as a
 close relative of Pistia.
 > Her's a couple more very small aroids...  Anthurium bessei can be seen at:
 > <> and Caladium
 > humboldtii var. Marcel..  This is one of the prettiest..  and it only gets
 > about an inch or two high!!!!
 > Dewey
 > Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
 > Your Source for Tropical Araceae
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