RE: Hardy Aroids

From: on behalf of Tom Croat
Sent: 	Monday, October 27, 1997 3:17 PM
Subject: 	Re: Hardy Aroids

>>Steve:  We have Orontium in cultivation in our temperate house.  I tried
bringing some of it back from Massachusetts once and put it in a small
pond we have behing the Climatron but it did not survive despite having
had a nice big peice of it.

Dear Folks,
A few years ago I collected Orontium near Sebring, Cen. Florida, and grew it 
very sucessfully here in W.P.B., Florida for many years.  Tom photographed it 
when he passed through on his way to Fr. Guyana.  It is a beautiful and easy 
plant to grow.  Mine responded to the method I outlined for Urospatha in Vol. 
16 of Aroideana, and produced large numbers of big, viable seed that 
germinated while they floated in the water of the saucers!  I believe that I 
finally gave it to some visitor who was passing through.  I recomend it 

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