Re: Hardy Aroids

  Calla palustris normally grows in wet bogs in mostly full sun.  For a 
source I suggest that you look for plants in Michigan and when you spot 
some (there are usually a lot of them, or one plant with many, many 
leads), just reach in and pull up a front lead.  Calla is not a rare 
plant and removing one or two will not destroy  the populations.  Be
careful, hpwever, because massasauga rattlesnakes like the drier
portions of these same habitats, and in trying to avoid the deeper, 
muckier pools you are apt to head for the higher drier ground.

Good luck,
  Vic Soukup

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Don Martinson wrote:

> >James W. Waddick wrote:
> >>
> >> Dear friends;
> >>         This string has turned from Dracunculus to Hardy aroids and I am
> >> surprised that no one has mentioned Calla palustris. This gets to
> >> considerable size, has impressive flowers and fruits and should be hardy
> >> fairly far north - Zone 4, 3?.
> >
> Just as an aside, as long as Calla palustris has been mentioned, what are
> its cultural requirements?  In standing water or bog, free floating like
> Pistia, submergent or emergent?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Don Martinson
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