Re: Hardy Aroids


I run a seedhouse for hardy rare perennials called Gardens North in
Ontario, Canada.

I am growing Calla palustris quite successfully here (a cold Z4) and saw
it often last summer on a seed collecting trip across Canada, both in
the wild and in gardens in Zones 3 and colder (Northern Saskatchewan and

Unfortunately it will be another few years before I have enough seed
producing plants to offer it in my catalogue. If you manage to get hold
of some more seed.....try the following:

-the seed will do much better being sown in a "muck" (a muddy compost).
I normally sow in waterproof containers (recycled plastic take-out is
fine). Allow the water to be about 1" higher than the soil in the
container. This is a good general method to use for many water loving
-give an initial warm period (as warm as possible) of about 4 weeks.
-Then provide about 6-8 (or longer) weeks cold. It doesn't matter if the
muck freezes. So you could pop the lid of your take out container on and
either stick it in your fridge, or put it outside mid winter...

I have successfully germinated it on many occasions using the above
method, although my seed was always fresh, so I do not know if this is
an issue. 

Are you in Canada, by any chance??? I don't ship plants outside of the
country at this point....

Kristl Walek
Gardens North

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