Re: Defending Pinellia ternata again ???

Dear Aroid-L, Tony, Diana etc;
	After hearing your horror stories I really got to thinking about it
and in all fairness to P. ternata; it is, in my garden, less aggressive and
weedy than either P. tripartita OR P. pedatisecta. Both the latter self sow
fairly actively, whereas I get little bloom and few seeds out of  P.
ternata. Certainly its various stem bulbils do a job in moving around, but
they can't match the rate of movement of the other two.
	I think it is my harsh climate (Zone 5/6) , winter lows of  -15 to
-20 degrees F and low annual rainfall (about 40 inches VERY unevenly) that
keep these all in check.

	I know that in my cold "greenhouse" both pedatisecta and tripartita
get very lush and seed around the dirt/gravel floor and every other pot.
This is kept around freezing in winter, but stays warm in fall and warms up
in spring enough to moderate. I don't think I have ternata in this
'greenhouse' for comparison so I can't tell.

	On the other hand if I lived ina really moderate climate, I'd
probably just plant something else although I do like all three of these a

	best		Jim W.

James W. Waddick          		Voice: 816 746 1949
8871 NW Brostrom Rd                  	E-MAIL:
Kansas City MO 64152 		Fax: 816 746 1939
Zone 5/6 -
Winter low  -10=B0F
Summer high +100=B0F

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