Re: Hardy Aroids - -Calla palustris

>> Jim, I've tried to get Calla palustris several times unsuccessfully -
>> seeds from an exchange never germinated for me, and plant sources haven't
>> worked out. Is anyone growing this?

>> -- Steve Marak
>> --

Dear Steve;
	I hate to put Tom Croat on the spot, but behind the Climatron is a
pond loaded with Calla palustris and I have liberated a few seeds in my
time. Maybe he could send out his henchmen and transport some down your
way. I belive now is the time.

	Best		Jim

ps Don;
	In this pond it grows around the edges with its 'toes' in the water
and 'ankles' just above. I've grown it in a metal wash tub which fills up
with rain or hosing and slowly drains/ evaporates away. I guess this would
be called a bog and it can certainly take some serious flooding, but
probably doesn't want to take much drought.

	I grow Symplocarpus in a 2 gal pot standing in a tray of water
(summer and winter) and I bet Calla would do likewise.

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