Re: Shipment from Italy received

Diana Pederson wrote:
> I just received my shipment from Italy.  I am excited about being
> able to plant some species bulbs into our church bible garden.
> I am not sure how to plant:  Gynandrirs sysirncheum Laaimedusa or
> Nothoscoroon.  (Not sure about these spellings--having trouble
> reading).  The first one is seeds and the 2nd is bulbs.  Would
> someone tell me about these?
> Should I assume the arums (Italcicum, and purpureospathum) are
> hardy or tender?

You can find the correct spelling for the above plants on my first
Gynandriris sisyrinchium (collected in Lampedusa Is.) and Nothoscordon
inodorum (coll. in Tenerife) grow in a mediterranean climate.
The first needs a very hot and dry dormancy period in summer, the second
comes from subtop. america.  - full sun. They can survive till -5/-100C
Arum italicum is hardy (till -150C) but Arum purpureospathum is not so
hardy: better not under -40C. For both dry rest period in summer. Light

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