Amorphophallus pendulus question

Dear all,
   I am a VERY pleased keeper of Amophophallus pendulus, and am thoroughly
enjoying the pompous beauty of it's now 13cm. petiole and 16cm. leaf (at it's
widest point).  If I'm not mistaken, Amorphophallus likes to have foot room.
  I don't see any roots showing from the pot, and can't make a judgment from
the bulb site itself, but from the size of the leaf, I have deduced that it
needs more room.  I recall a statement from the past that Amorhs. grow better
bulbs if given plenty of spreading room.  Can I safely transplant my pendulus
from it's 2" pot into a larger pot, and should I do that now?  The bulb first
put out a small leaf which is now gone, then put up it's present larger leaf.
 I don't suppose it will put up another leaf in this stage of growth, but I
would like the roots to be able to give it it's best.  What would be the best
thing to do?

Thanks for any help,
Sue Zunino
CA. Zone 9

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