Images of my A. titanum

A few months ago I asked this group what to do with my titanum which will
soon be taller than my greenhouse.  I didn't get any viable solutions, but
I'm safe for another year.  The new leaf of the larger plant is touching the
roof of my nine-foot greenhouse.  The smaller one divided into two corms
again and both are much smaller than the bigger one.  Krzysztof Kozminski
put four images of the leaf expansion on his page and on the MoBot aroid site:

(Thanks, Krzysztof)

What to do for the next cycle in about 15 months?  Perhaps I can maintain it
at this size by not potting up, but this goes against my grain.  I'm into
pushing everything to its limits, even if it exceeds my own!  I have a
14-foot tall greenhouse, but it isn't cooled and I've found that these
plants collapse after several weeks at 110+ degrees F.  Tom Gibson told me
that titanum can flower at the size of my bigger plant; can anyone
corroborate this?  I'd love to see it flower before I send it to greener

I have a question about another aroid, most visible in the second image.  My
Dracontium pittieri has a thick, 8-foot tall petiole, but the leaf blade is
crinkled and dwarfed, only spreads two feet.  It does not have spider mites
or any other visible pest.  Anyone know what might be wrong?  I got it from
Tom Gibson -- are you on this list, Tom?
Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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