I dug my Colocasias (bought simply as Elephant Ears) only to find that
two out of four had tuber/rhizome(?)rot. There was nothing on above
ground growth to indicate any trouble. The rot was much like what ate
one of my Amorphophalluses last year. What might this be? And is the
only future preventative to plant them in sterile soil in pots rather
than in the ground?
I am particularly curious because I have had Sclerotium rolsii (Southern
blight) show up in my yard and it has hundreds of host species. (ISU
Plant Pathology says that it is rare this far north) A.rolfsii seems to
attack a plant right at the crown at soil level so I doubt that this
tuber rot is a result ot it. 
Please, tell me anything.
MJ Hatfield

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